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Sejong Convention Center
66 Dasom 3-ro, Eojin-dong, Sejong-si, South Korea
(South of Prime Minister's Office)

If you need an invitation letter for your Visa, please email at "event.manager AT"

1. Overview of Sejong Convention Center

  • Purpose: To support the conference, exhibition, and PR events of resident organizations within the Government Complex Sejong

  • Location: 66 Dasom 3-ro, Sejong-si (South of Prime Minister's Office)

  • Size: site area: 35, 190m, floor area 26, 143m (1 basement level, 5 ground levels)

  • Facility Details

  • Conference/Exhibition Hall: reserved for meetings, banquets, and exhibitions

  • PR Building: reserved for long-term exhibitions and policy promotion

  • Support Center: reserved for event officials of the Government Sejong Convention Center (Lodging)


2. Local Transportation Information (The detailed information will be continuously updated.)

From the Incheon International  Airport (ICN) to the sejong conference venue 


  • Direct Limo Bus from Incheon Airport to Sejong city (Limousine buses are a convenient and comfortable option. They typically have designated stops, and you can purchase tickets at the airport.)
























  • Take a local Bus (3hr, about $20)

  1. Take a Bus #6020 @Incheon Airport 4A bus terminal (1hr 15min)

  2. Get off the bus @ Seoul Express Bus Terminal

  3. Take a Bus to Sejong State Control room Station (1hr 25 min)

  4. 10 min walk from the station to Venue.


  • Take a Taxi (2hr , about $200) - You can share the car with other authors.


  • Take KTX (Korea Train Express) 

  1. Take the Airport Railroad Express (AREX) from Incheon Airport to Seoul Station.

  2. At Seoul Station, transfer to the KTX (Korea Train Express) or a regular train heading to Cheonan-Asan Station or Osong Station. Sejong City is accessible from both of these stations.

  3. Check the train schedule to ensure that you catch a train heading in the right direction.

From Gimpo International Airport (GMP) to the Sejong conference venue 

(Since there is a nonstop bus from ICN to the convention center, it is better to use ICN.)


  • The Airport Railroad Express (AREX) connects Gimpo Airport and Incheon Airport. And take the Limo Bus from ICN to Sejong (There is no direct Limo bus from GMP to Sejong )


3. Hotel Information:

There are three hotels available near the conference venue: courtyard marriott, bestwestern, and Shilla Stay. The room per day will be around $100 - $130 (110,000 - 150,000 in KRW) per day including breakfast. However, Shilla Stay will open in March 2024 to book the rooms. There is a regular hotel bus between the hotel and the conference venue daily.

(The detailed information will be continuously updated.)

COURTYARD by Marriott Sejong for the conference days. 

(Note that there are other hotels (Best Western and Shilla Stay),

but the Courtyard by Marriott is the nearest hotel from the conference venue.)

  • Best Western Sejong 


  • Shilla Stay (open in March 2024 to book the room) 

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