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Non-Korean citizens looking to attend SVCC 2024 and entering South Korea from another country might need a visa, as per the guidelines in South Korea. For details on visa requirements, visit the website at

Invitation Letters

SVCC is happy to provide invitation letters for conference attendees. To apply for an invitation letter, complete the visa letter request Google form.

Please allow adequate processing time for your request. For those expecting visa application delays, submit your request for an invitation letter well in advance.

Delivery of Invitation Letters

Invitation letters will be sent via email, or if specifically requested, via postal mail. Letters will not be sent directly to consulates as they generally do not hold such documents for visa applications. To avoid delays due to international shipping and embassy processing times, request your letter early. SVCC aims to mail your letter within 7 business days of receiving your request. However, late requests risk not being delivered in time for visa processing. Express mailing is available to registered attendees at their own cost.

Responsibility and Disclaimer

Attendees are responsible for securing their visas and requesting invitation letters. It's up to the attendee to prove eligibility for a visitor visa as per South Korea laws. SVCSI and SVCC cannot guarantee visa approval, as that is the prerogative of the Embassy/Consulate. SVCSI and SVCC is unable to influence any government agency's decision should your visa application be declined.

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