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Accepted Poster Papers
  • PoE: A Domain-Specific Language for Exploitation

       Jung Hyun Kim, Steve Gustaman, and Sang Kil Cha

  • Simplified Quantum Circuit Implementation for ASCON Security Analysis against Grover’s Algorithm

       Jinseob Oh, Chanho Choi, and Dooho Choi

  • Human-to-Device (H2D) Authentication Using Biometrics

       Mohammadreza Hosseinzadehketilateh, Sara Tehranipoor, and Nima Karimian

  • The Threat of Password Guessing Attacks Exploiting Linguistic Characteristics: A Case Study on the Korean Domains

       Minah Chae, Wongeun Shin, Sangyun Jung, Jihun Yeom, Dongho Jeon, and Heeseok Kim

  • Toward Post-Quantum Digital Certificate for eSIM.

       Qaiser Khan, Sourav Purification, Rono Cheruiyot, Jinoh Kim, Jonghyun Kim, and Sang-Yoon Chang

  • Hop-Count Authentication with Moving Keys for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

       Seonho Choi

  • Combating Deepfakes: A Novel Hybrid Hardware-Software Approach

       Kamrul Hasan, Nima Karimian, and Sara Tehranipoor

  • Wireless Link Routing to Secure Against Fake Base Station in 5G

       Sourav Purification, Kyungmin Park, Jinoh Kim, Jonghyun Kim, and Sang-Yoon Chang

  • ProtectNIC: SmartNIC-based Ransomware Detection

       Anson Xu, Arnav Choudhury, Eason Liu, and Sean Choi

  • Analyzing the container security threat on the 5G Core Network

      Jihyeon Song, Kyungmin Park, Cheolhee Park, Jonghyun Kim, and Ikkyun Kim

  • Exploring Reinforcement Learning to Aid Tor Latency Performance

       Kelei Zhang and Sang-Yoon Chang

  • Side-Channel Protected PIPO Implementation in Hardware

      Jaeseung Han, Yeon-Jae Kim, and Dong-Guk Han

  • Graph Neural Networks for_Network Intrusion Detection An IP Behavioral Analysis Perspective

       Lee Seonwoo, Lee Juyoung, and Lee Taejin​

  • 5G Remote eSIM Provisioning: Blockchain-based Public Key Delivery

       Raymond Cheruiyot, Sourav Purification, Simeon Wuthier, and Sang-Yoon Chang

  • Simulating Intelligent Driving Attacks to Detect Safety Failures in Autonomous

       Carlos Hernandez, Diego Ortiz Barbosa, Luis Burbano, Younghee Park, and Alvaro A Cardenas

  • Constructing GPS Spoofing Environment Using SDR

       Hoyeong Kim, Seung-A Park, Chanho Choi, Kyungmi Jung, Dooho Choi, Mee Ran Han, and Sangman Lee

  • Efficient Homomorphic PCA over Encrypted Data by CKKS using Fast Matrix-Vector Multiplication

       Han Sanghoon, Shin Jaewon, and Lee Younho

  • Reliable Detection of Location Spoofing Attacks and Variants

       Chiho Kim, Sang-Yoon Chang, Jonghyun Kim, Kyungmin Park, and Jinoh Kim

  • Trajectory-based Approach to UAV Location Spoofing Detection

       Mincheol Shin, Sang-Yoon Chang, Jonghyun Kim, Kyungmin Park, and Jinoh Kim

  • A SCA-Resistant Lowdropout Regulator (LDO) with Power Reduction

       Ayeon Gwon, Yeseul Song, Suyeon Lee, Sihyun Jung, Woong Choi, and Junwon Jeong

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