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SVCC 2024 Conference Schedule 
Our SVCC 2024 program is finalized now. Please check the following links.
Program Overview
Detailed Program Agenda
Here is the summary of program 

  1. Five Distinguished Keynote Speakers on 6/17-6/19

  2. Three Research Paper Sessions on 6/17-6/18

  3. Poster Competitions on 6/17

  4. A Tutorial Session on 6/17

  5. Two Special Security Sessions on 6/18 & 6/19
    6. Industry Presentation on 6/17


Note that SVCC provides lunch for 6/17-19 and dinner for 6/17 and 6/18. You need to purchase your breakfast at the conference hotel when you book your room (around $90 per day) since our conference starts after 9:30 a.m.​

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